The Impact of Chemical Engineering (detail), 2019
Mixed media collage on metallic wallpaper
35 ft W X 8.5 ft H

Case Western Reserve University Chemical Engineering Department

September 2019

This mural was created in collaboration with Amber J. Anderson and the the CASE Chemical Engineering Department for The Putnam Collection.


Making Money the Harder Way

August 8, 2013

On June 21st at 10AM we pushed the new gold cart from The Sculpture Center to Toby’s Plaza and printed until 5PM when we returned to The Sculpture Center for Quittin’ Time Happy Hour. Despite the heat the performance, installation, and happy hour were successful.

Click here to learn more about this ongoing collaboration.



Womyn Space

There have always been women and there has always been space. Womyn Space seeks to set the record straight on the involvement of women throughout history in cosmological research, discovery and creativity. Evoking the style of a mid-20th century educational filmstrip, Womyn Space questions authority in astronomy and celebrates the often unknown or hidden contributions of female space bosses. Amber J. Anderson and Elena Harvey Collins collaborated with me on this filmstrip.